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We can only hope that there will be countless authors on this website, we wish to help all who choose to express themselves honestly and if you find that through writing than you have come to the right place. We are currently accepting article submissions and if you feel so inclined as to reach out, then please begin this journey by visiting our contact page!


The webmaster of this blog is I, and my name is Herbert. I am an inspired musician who takes pride in letting people express themselves. I am using this website as a vehicle to help individuals share their content with the world. I will be accepting articles on news, rivers, mountains, clouds, bugs, train stations, dentists, you name it! If it is something that I see you put some hard work into or more so actually felt the urge to contribute something to those who wish to read, then I see that as an instant in. Accepting articles is something I have no fear in, being honest with people about their content and writing style is something I am good at and I hope to always leave a positive mark. Forgive me in advance for constructional criticism, though I hope no offence is taken. If your writings are going to be posted on this website I wish to only leave our readers with a sense of gain. Thank you in advance!