I Find My Rhythm In The Storm.

My life as a storm enthusiast/storm chaser.

Unlike most people, we, storm watchers, don’t watch the weather channel so we can avoid the coming storm. We watch it so we can drive towards the storm. It started out as a fascination until it eventually became a passion. The idea of watching something so powerful slowly takes form out of thin air is a breathtaking experience. It slowly builds you up with anticipation before it goes berserk, finally setting itself free in the form of a massive storm or tornado.

Most of the storm watchers I see in the field are meteorologists. (Here is some excellent footage).

They do storm watching for a living. However, there are also a lot of hobbyists like myself, who are out there for other reasons. I personally go storm watching to gather pictures and footage of the storm.

Documenting my experience as a storm watcher didn’t start easy. I had several cameras broken before I finally took that first decent shot. I was really proud of that picture. I used it as my profile picture on all my social media accounts for the entire year. Mainly, because it took a while before I had another chance to take find good footage, but I loved the memory.
Afterwards, I spent a great deal of time trying to modify my vehicle and my gadgets to help me get better storm footage. Documenting my every experience as a storm watcher is important me, because unlike those professional storm chasers, I don’t have advanced gadgets and vehicles that make photography and filming a piece of cake. Every decent picture of a tornado, thunderstorm or hurricane that I take is like a trophy – a reward for all my hard work. I keep it as a way to motivate myself and hopefully inspire others who are willing to read my writings or listen to my stories, that no matter how small you are, hard work can help you conquer anything, even something as big as a storm.

Every storm is an opportunity to learn and better yourself. Each storm behaves differently.

There is no telling what to expect when you’re out there in the field storm watching. This is how you learn to become observant, resourceful, and quick to adjust to different situations. You either learn to hone these skills through time, or you end up getting sucked into that giant tornado.

Enjoy the view while you can, but learn to step away when it’s time. I found out that years of experience in storm watching do not guarantee anything. You can never out smart or outrun a storm. You can only keep watch as long as it allows you to, and then you have to learn to let it go when it’s time.
My life as a storm watcher is like a summary of my everyday struggles. I work hard, play by the rules, win some, lose some and if I’m lucky I get to keep excellent memories from my experience. Memories which give me the strength to wake up the next day and do it all over again.


Please, enjoy your morning, afternoon, or evening! Thank you for taking the time to listen to/read my words.

P.S. These guys are awesome people!