I’m The Best Salesman In Town (Or At Least That’s What My Clients Say)

Trading with physical goods or products is the same as trading services.

Salesmen in general are under the same laws when it comes to both the written and unspoken rules of selling. As a salesman since my youth, I learned the craft the hard way. While my job supported my education, which had been helpful in rising up the ranks, everything I learned in actual practice paved a solid foundation for my career.

I come from an era where connections are established the old school way. That’s why everything that I know came from a rigid training of selling that emphasizes feelings rather than time, passion than emails, and instinct than online retailing.


Starting out as a salesman involves a lot of growing pains. I focused on being disciplined – Waking up early, doing my homework to know my target market, drinking or eating less to spend more time thinking and building my client base. Even when the people I’m speaking with don’t show interest, I remain curious about their lives and show my willingness to help.

A day’s work involves the same hustle and bustle to close a sale. I focused on my persistence in building relationships than making the actual sale. I have to be resourceful and creative with my words to ensure my client is all ears.

During times when my day is becoming mundane and banal, I focused on living my day as though it’s my final one, which immediately gives me a boost of energy to meet new people. I show confidence in my product and, more importantly, in myself.

When my persistence overflows and some clients find it as being pushy or too aggressive, I focus on being the master over my feelings. I keep a good, honest and open mind over matter. I share my knowledge and communicate the benefits of my products and services.

When I start making a few sales, I focus on keeping my value on an upward trend by staying passionate, competitive and resolved about multiplying my sales a hundredfold. I set my targets higher to prevent me from being to relaxed, I keep myself dedicated to it long-term and endure what’s next in my career, ALWAYS.

Be like a wave!

Honing your sales skills doesn’t end. There are constant roadblocks, and the worst of them can come from rejections. It took me awhile to learn from this when I was starting out because I couldn’t help but feel as if I’m the one being rejected (and not what I’m selling). But overcoming rejections begin with not taking it personally and allowing time to let the benefits of my product/service seep through my client’s consciousness. That’s why I aim to build relationships so that my commitment to sell to one person continues even after the first rejection.

Some sales take time to get, while others don’t. When I’m the lucky guy who happens to be at the right place and at the right time, I celebrate the closed deal and congratulate myself for staying on post. Sometimes, it is hardwork and diligence that pay off better than other skills.

Much more than a job, being a salesman is my life. I embrace it with so much rigor, energy and heart that it dictates the ebb and flow of my day. From sunup to sundown, I’m the salesman I want people to run to. This has been the key to my success before, as it still is now.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!