Entwining Stormy Sounds With Instrumental Music


After a bad sales day or when I’ve had a fight with someone it’s easy to storm off angrily and listen to angry music in an angry place with a beer, but instead I listen to the birds in the trees, the rhythm of the guitar and I usually feel better within a few minutes. There’s something about sounds of nature and the sound of soft instrumental music, that, when combined, enhance the beautiful feeling they would give separately, to make their power twice as strong.

Ancient Chinese music with birds chirping and water running can always humble me. Mexican dance music and the smell of fresh coffee, with the sound of the ocean nearby, is like the perfect morning.

Unlike all the catchy singing you can find on the radio and those songs designed to get stuck in your head, the sounds of urban traffic, wild nature and live instruments played by live people are constantly changing and shifting the vibes of the present moment.

You can listen to the same radio song that sounds the same every time or you can watch and experience someone playing the banjo, live, in front of your face, to the sound of crickets in the grass and wind blowing through an open barn, hay rustling at your feet.

Sometimes I Find the Rhythm in the Storm¬†and when I’m watching a storm I can sometimes hear distant piano music as if some crazy scientist in a tower conjured the storm himself with an experiment and, mad about his creation, began to play the piano vehemently. When the wind hits the trees I can hear him laughing.

But that’s just my own imagination playing around with me. Without the storm maybe I’d be gazing through all the suburban windows, listening to the playing children and the grandmothers telling tales of old days. But enough talking like a crazy person.

If you’re feeling down and out because you had a bad day, I invite you to listen to instrumental music, not too loudly, and appreciate the natural sounds in your environment. Mixing these two lovely experiences together has helped me more times than I can count and sometimes it’s helping me when I don’t even know it. Perhaps right now as I listen to the rhythmic tapping of my keyboard keys, and the rain hitting the window, and the roommate listening to a documentary. All these noises I hear everyday are, to me, way better than the top 40 radio hits.