What Does “Quality Workmanship” Mean to You?


People throw around the term willy-nilly, but it’s a rather serious claim. Quality workmanship is actually something only the elite of service providers actually have.

Quality workmanship takes conscious effort. When you’re finished with something, you need to assess it from all angles in order to make sure it’s really quality.

The reason I bring this up is because I hired a handyman to repair my broken staircase railing. He claimed to be of quality workmanship and threw around the term as if were an “and” or a “but.” But, really, quality workmanship was something he was very far from possessing.

If you want to use this term in your advertising, make sure it’s legit because your business won’t grow if your services are based around a lie. Say something like “you strive for quality” or something, because hopefully that’s at least true.

So ask yourself this question: What does quality workmanship mean to you? Be aware next time someone claims to possess it, because the chances are they’re just trying to haggle you.

Thanks for reading at Didjeridu and I hope you continue to strive for quality!