My Love for Surfing the Waves – Have You Surfed Before?

surfing is for cool people, and everyone else, too, who automatically become cool after

Everytime I go surfing I can’t help myself from writing poetry as soon as I get back to my beach towel. There’s just so much to write about when it comes to the beauties of riding the open waves with nothing but a board under your feet. As the sun warms your back and the water cools your feet, the spindrift and spume of the violent ocean sprays your legs, and while waving at the people on the beach who are looking off in amazement as they see you glide toward them equals no other experience.

If you haven’t gone surfing before but you’ve always wanted to, this blog post should be the last thing you read before a rented surfboard is strapped to the roof of your car. There are thousands of great surfing spots around the world. My favourite is Tofino BC as you can surf there all year round, even in the winter, and it’s relatively safe so long as you keep an eye out for signs warning of rip tides. Continue reading “My Love for Surfing the Waves – Have You Surfed Before?”